Movement: 20 meter circle


In dressage-arena-1 we want to take a look at the 20 meter circle as one of the 'basic' figures used in riding.

Purpose: to teach the horse to bend. The bending exercises increase the suppleness of the horse.

Figure: 20 meter circle at A & E &C & B

A.... circle at A starts and ends at A
C.... circle at C starts and ends at C
E.... circle at E starts and ends at E
B.... circle at B starts and ends at B


Figure : 20 meter circle at X

circle at X starts and ends at X

Easiest.. at the walk
Medium difficulty... at the trot
Most difficult... at the canter


The horse stretches the outside of his body
The horse narrows his base of support
The outside ear is lightly in advance of the inside ear
Inside of the neck is concave
Outside of the neck is convex
The inside leg carries more weight ( relative to the out side hind)
The outside hind reaches more ( relative to the inside hind)


Practical application of Dressage-arena-1


Sit evenly on your tripod.

Keep your eyes traveling around the circular line you are visualizing.

The hip and the shoulder of the horse are connected with a string to the center of the circle.

The rider’s inside hip is connected with a string to the center of the circle.
The inside leg of the rider from the hip to the heal tries to make the string become longer.

The outside leg and hand try to maintain the exact length of the string.

Woops :)

The horse's nose is not centered between his shoulders.

The horse's ears are tipped one higher then the other.

Your inside and outside reins do not feel the same weight.


Remember Horse-riding-tips #4
We want a horse that is....
..In harmony with his rider

Remember Horse-riding-tips... #3
We want to be a rider that...
..Is balanced
..Has feel
..Is supple
..Stays with horse ( pliancy)
..Does not move involuntarily (fixity)

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